On Target Couple Interventions in the Age of Attachment

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3 DVD set.  Total running time 5hr 54min.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples Represents:

  • The cutting edge of couple interventions
  • Heralded by The New York Times and Time magazine as the couple therapy with the highest rate of success
  • Structured interventions to regulate and transform emotions and emotional signals
  • Tested ways of choreographing a couples’ dance to foster emotional connection and fulfill attachment needs


Complete this seminar and learn from the best! Let world renowned expert Dr. Sue Johnson show you how the EFT method illustrates the new science of love and bonding. The day will include didactic presentations on the nature of love and attachment, the state of couple therapy and the conceptual and clinical base of EFT. There will also be experiential exercises and the observation and discussion of therapy sessions.


You will leave with your own blueprint for EFT that allows you, the therapist to be precisely on target - to go to the heart of the matter and shape new interactions that redefine the security of the bond between partners and create an environment of healing and growth.



The State of Couple Therapy and the New Science of Attachment

  • The map to basic relationship emotions and needs
  • Understanding and containing distance and distress
  • Shaping responsive bonding
  • Understanding love relationships - invaluable to the therapist 

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) - the Structure, Moves and Interventions

  • The three stages of EFT
    1. De-escalation
    2. Restructuring Attachment
    3. Consolidation
  • Key change events 

Experiential and Systemic Interventions

  • Reflection of emotional process
  • Validation
  • Evocative process questions
  • Deepening and distilling emotion
  • Interpretation - conjecture
  • Reflecting interactions - feedback loops
  • Reframing
  • Shaping enactments
  • Containing enactments that go awry 

The Tasks of EFT - Outline, Video Viewing, and Exercises

  • The core tasks of EFT
  • Building an alliance
  • Reprocessing and distilling emotion
  • Choreographing new interactions 

Dealing with Difficult and Attachment Injured Clients - Discussion and Exercises

  • Dysregulated, escalated, and shut down, dismissing clients
  • Attachment injuries (i.e. affairs) - Relationship traumas that destroy trust
  • A proven model for forgiveness and reconciliation 

Discussion of the New Era of Couple Therapy

  • Growing into and applying the EFT model
  • Gaining confidence in EFT - Maximize effectiveness in your practice
  • Key changes and challenges in the field of couple therapy